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Numbers of Species

There are 16 different species of penguin living in the world today. Some authorities also list the Royal and White-flippered penguins – but the evidence indicates they are not true species.

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Types of Penguin

There are 16 different species of penguin living in the world today. Each species belongs to a larger grouping of closely related species known as a genus. The living penguins comprise six genera (the plural of genus). You can see which species belong to each genus either by starting at the Index or by looking under Types of Penguin in the Menu. Otherwise, if you wish to go straight to the information about a particular species, click on its picture below.

New! Podcast #1: Penguins Just Wanna Be Fish

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Lloyd Spencer Davis hosts PenguinWorld's first podcast. This one is entitled, Penguins Just Wanna Be Fish. It explains how at heart penguins are very much birds, even if they have adopted an aquatic lifestyle similar to that of their distant fish ancestors.

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illustration by: Sarah Wroot

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Feeding Chases

Lloyd Spencer Davis has been conducting research into feeding chases of Adelie penguins: a bizarre behavior whereby adult penguins when feeding their chicks often turn around and lead them on a merry chase – in the process, seemingly, exposing their chicks to increased risks of predation:

The Plight of The Penguin

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Lloyd Spencer Davis' award-winning book The Plight of the
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